I just happened to heard a phenomenal voice rich in texture , variation of colors that only great jazz singers have. Coming from Montreal , i ve heard some unique and splendid voices before. This voice , of Meri, is much worthwile to be discovered and heard . What a pleasant discovery. Thank you for this beautiful gift that you bring to my ears
Hi Mari. Thanks so much for setting in at my show Friday. You look great and sang great. A pleasure to meet you.
Big fan, love her voice!
My Wife and I heard Meri on the WDIV Sunday show, and We dig her very much, going to hear/see her this Saturday, December 27 at Page's
Beautiful voice with great technique!!
Hi Meri! Good to see this web site and all of the great events. I'll let friends know. Nancy
Love you!
Hi Meri, I am looking forward to more of your jazzy performances. Hope to catch you also with the Metro Jazz Voices again. See you soon!
Hi how are you? I will see you with Jane Dabish ( Jane Dab on Facebook) I'm looking forward in seeing you. Have a great day. Sincerely, Robert E. Beggs
Some day I'll have the good fortune of hearing you in Detroit!
found you while searching family history. you have a great voice and I'll keep watching your website and follow your career. if you ever have time, I'd like to knowwhere your family originated. keep on singing.
Saw you for first time tonight at MJF with Metro Jazz Voices. Loved it!
Saw you for first time tonight at MJF with Metro Jazz Voices. You impressed us the most!
Hi Meri, Glad to be related to you through Brenda, your cousin. I see your posts on Facebook. Stay strong, beautiful, and sounding wonderful! -Dave Posh
Loved your performance last night (6-15-12), hope to hear your singing again soon
Thank you for performing at Nikola's. The audience loved you. Hope to see you again.
Hello Meri, I love your rendition of Darn That Dream. You'll never know how refreshing it is to hear a jazz vocalist with perfect pitch. You're colossal ! Thank you for keeping the Great American Songbook alive and well. All the best, Bob
Maggio's NYC
love your music, the pianist is superb. I will really be looking forward to meeting you on Sunday night in Birmingham. It so wonderful to listen to a trained musician sing. Bob Hanna
What a treat Meri! Great site, great tracks and a phenomenal artist. Kind Regards, Bobby
I'd like to submit some material for you!!!!
Just checkin' in on my favorite Jazz vocalist! Great website - lot's of class...as usual. Take care and we'll talk soon!
I would love to come see you perform some night. The pictures of you are just be beautiful ! Maybe I will see you at the reunion. Take Care !
Sorry I am unable to attend tonights' event in Ferndale to which I had RSVP's. Knock 'em dead!
Hello Meri! Can't begin to tell you what a pleasure it was meeting you Friday night at LDV. Luck me bacause your are my new BFF! I am looking forward to hearing back from you.
Why don't you come to Europe? We need jazz singers like you! Darn that Dream ...!
Smooth... Mellow... Excellent... Meri, you are a blessing!
Hi Meri - You have a beautiful voice. I am a friend of JoAnne Ellerbrake's and a songwriter, guitarist seeking songwriting collaboration. We'll see you Monday pm at BKL and hope to meet you then if possible Ralph Volk 248=245=0826
Hey Meri been meaning to do this officially! :) Marty
Sigh....someday I will get the privilege of hearing you sing. I know it will be worth the wait.
I'm a huge fan of female jazz vocalists, Karrin Allyson and jackie Allen being the two at the top of my list. I think I can now add Meri Slaven to that list.
Meri you can steal the hearts of many people....
Great voice! Good luck on your musical travels. David
Diggin Your Voice ...
Look forward to catching you again at the Whitney very soon! Please sing my song!
Fabulous New Year's at Gala. Especially found favor with rendition of "Route 66," although entire performance was terrific.
Just wanted to say it was a pleasure to run your sound at the Wyandotte Street Art Fair... You were on of the highlights of the weekend! Jim
loved you at Gala last Friday!
Hi Meri, It was nice meeting you in Detroit. I love your cd and I'm looking forward to your next.
Your friend Donna Avilon gave me your cd's. It's unbelieveable!!! I enjoy it. Keep up the great work.. send it to Hollywood.
Hi Meri - I miss you! I promise that Dave and I will see you soon! Say hi to everyone for me. R
Hello Meri I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your performance at the Gala on Dec 31st. Your Performance truly made it a night to remember. Your voice is just as beautiful as you are. After I left, I thought of two songs I would have loved to hear you sing "Funny Valentine" and "The first time I ever saw your face." Your CD is awesome. I look forward to hearing you again. Take good care of your vocal cords.
I had a great time listening to you and an added pleasure meeeting you. Really enjoyed the CD. Keep Singing !! The best is yet to come...
It was nice to catch your act the last time we were in town! Can't wait until next time! LOVE THE CD!
Great job. I'll come see you guys soon, I promise. Congratulations on all your success.
What a Gala event last night! So glad we caught you there. Listening to your CD right now. It's all good!
You're still a dish. Love your CD, Where is Teach Me Tonight ? Your Favorite Me
I really enjoyed the strings!!

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